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Boston Breweries launches Loaded Cannon Ale at Taste of Cape Town

April 10, 2013

The press release from Jolie360 about the Boston Breweries launch of Loaded Cannon Ale at Taste of Cape Town!
Loaded Cannon Ale

Chris Barnard, owner and chief brewer of Boston Breweries and Russ Meyer who heads up Sales and marketing felt that Taste of Cape Town would be the perfect platform to launch their newly rebranded craft beer, Loaded Cannon Ale, previously known as Hazzard Ten Ale. Boston Breweries is just one of the many Brewers that will be part of The Craft Beer Project at the Taste of Cape Town. This will see them launch these ‘big boy’s beer’ amongst some of South Africa’s finest brews!

Boston Breweries Brand Management Company Jolie360 was tasked to rebrand their Hazzard Ten Ale. Through various social media competitions on a national level the name ‘Loaded Cannon Ale’ was finally settled on. The name and image of the cannon is a perfect fit and celebration of one of Cape Town’s iconic images, The Noon Gun. Particularly since this is classed as a beer with a bit of a punch at 10% alcohol percentage.

If you’re a fizzy yellow beer drinker this is definitely not for you. With an alcohol content of 10% it is one the strongest beer brewed in South Africa, the most defining character however is its flavour. It is dark red in colour, has a thick creamy head, and a strong malty character. The sweetness has been balanced by adding large amounts of hops to the beer after fermentation, a process called dry hopping. It’s definitely the beer that is the most fun to make. Available in 330ml bottle.10% ALC/VOL

Russ Meyer, “We are very excited to launch Loaded Cannon Ale at such a well established event such as Taste and encourage the public to come along to the Craft Beer Project tent to come along and give it a taste”

Boston Breweries Loaded Cannon Ale launches at Taste Festivals 2013
When and where:
Taste of Cape Town 2013 11th to 14th April
Taste of Durban 2013 26th to 28th July
Taste of Joburg 2013 26th to 29th September
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