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Bardwell Brewery

May 4, 2013

Do you want to hear about a new brewery plan? I do not know much but to the north west of Nottingham Road, close to the Lesotho border and the Wits End Mountain Resort you could soon be drinking beers from the Bardwell Brewery.

The brewery will be in the Cathkin Park area in Central Drakensberg.

I let you all know when I know more about Mr Bardwell’s brewery plans. Please let me know if you know anything more about Bardwell Brewery.

From their Google+ site:
Brew Master: Bardwell Henry Patrick Hall – Bardy for short, as he is well known, the founder and brew master, loves beer and brewing.  It is not the only thing that drives to pursue his dream. An artist, craftsman, fisherman, farmer, father and grandfather he enjoy all the side benefits, like the camaraderie of fellow brewers and craft beer lovers. It’s the passionate people that bring to our craft and being around brew-centric culture. The fun had on brew days and being in the valley and with the community where our craft beer features.

Location: Off the R600, Cathin park, Champagne Valley, Central Drakensberg
Twitter: –
Google+: +Bardwellbrewerycraftbeer
Phone: BardwellBrewingCo

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