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Honingklip Brewery

August 7, 2012

Honingklip Brewery is soon going to open their doors for the public. The beer is almost ready (maturing at the moment).
The brewery is located at the Honingklip Farm along the R43 (just south of Bot River). They are going to brew a range of Belgian inspired beer styles. First out is a Belgian style Dubbel described as: “ inspired by Trappist and abbey beers. Local and imported barley malt, dark candij suiker, lightly hopped. Loads of caramel with fruity and spicy overtones. 7% ABV”.

The people behind is Mark and Analize ter Morshuizen. They are well knowned among homebrewers in Western Cape (SouthYeasters).

Honingklip Brewery logo

Phone: 082-735 9868

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