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Stellenbosch Brewing Company

May 3, 2012

A couple of days ago I wrote about the new Cape Brewing Company. Hopefully they will open up in a couple of months.  Very close by there’s another brewing project going on. The Stellenbosch Brewing Company at Klein Joostenberg.  Philip Myburgh at Joosteberg commented : I believe that Klein Joostenberg is well placed to operate a small brewery to service the Western Cape area. I believe so too!

He invites me to come and have a look at the location but unfortunately I am a little bit to far away at the moment to be able to visit their facility. I have been there before though but at that time there was no brewery. Maybe some of you have been there recently to give me an update. Stellenbosch Brewing Company is in its early stages of development and it might take some time before we could have a chance to buy some new beers from the brewery. I am happy though to add yet another stop to the Western Cape Brew Route.

Joostenberg logo

Facebook: stellenboschbrewingco
Phone: 076-998 1022 021 8844 141

Klein Joostenberg Farm
R304, Muldersvlei
Western Cape, South Africa

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