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Sarungano Brewing in Zimbabwe

June 26, 2014

Zimbabwe is taking its first steps towards a new and hopefully vibrant beer scene. Maybe it is to early to state that but that was my first thought when I heard about Sarungano Brewing in Harare. You have to start sometime and somewhere. Now is always a good time to start and why not in Harare! Bespoke Brewers at the Beer Engine in Jameson Hotel has been the one and only craft brewer for years. Sarungano launched their first beers in September 2013.

From their website: “Sarungano” in Shona is the vernacular title for Story teller. They would gather people around and weave spellbinding stories that would entertain, inform and educate the gatherings. A name we found fitting for our brewery as we attempt to achieve similar feats of the Sarunganos of old. Except our narrative is done by our brews. What else would lubricate the tongue better! We believe the best, funniest, saddest, emotional, inspirational and somewhat bizarre stories are told whilst sharing a good beer amongst friends, family and the occasional stranger. And yes the freeloader has his use as well. So come share in our beer narrative.

Location: Harare, Zimbabwe
Facebook: sarunganobrewing
Twitter: @sarunganobeer
Phone: +263 78-238 2674

Sarungano Brewing

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