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Tall Dwarf Craft Beer

August 28, 2013

Tall Dwarf Craft Beer is not a new brewery but a student assignment at AAA School of Advertising in Cape Town. Founded, just a few weeks ago, by a team of marketing students as part of an entrepreneurship assignment , it is already a success. They have done all the branding and marketing them self but due to the nature of the assignment they have sourced a supplier of an already existing craft beer.

I e-mailed them a few questions and got a quick response from Kimberly Jandrell.

Which brewery and “already existing craft beer” did you use in the assignment (they advertise a Pilsner and a Blonde Ale)?
“We have rebranded both the Picasso and Sweet Lips from Triggerfish Brewing and marketed them under the Tall Dwarf Brand.

Are you going to continue with Tall Dwarf Craft Beer after the assignment?
Triggerfish were kind enough to brew for us on this once-off basis and unfortunately we won’t continue with the brew project as all team members are studying on a full-time basis. However, this assignment has really stirred up an interest in craft beer for all the students involved.”

I find this project very interesting in many ways. I believe that they gained a lot of knowledge about branding beer. A knowledge much needed by a lot of the small breweries in South Africa, struggling to get their beers out.

A “golden star” (not the beer though)  to Eric van Heerden at Triggerfish Brewing for helping out with such an interesting project.

… and who knows! Maybe we will see Tall Dwarf Craft Beers in the future after all.

Info: Student assignment
 130 Bree Street, Cape Town
Website: –
Facebook: talldwarfcraftbeer
Twitter: @TallDwarfCB
E-mail: –

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