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Zwakala Microbrewery

August 6, 2013

Every now and then I write about new South African breweries. Often they are just in the beginning of the process of becoming a brewery. The whole idea is to present them to you early and later write an update when they are ready to start selling. I will add them to the list of South African breweries and update the list if the get a website, Facebook, Google+ or twitter sites.

The latest in the row of new breweries is Zwakala Microbrewery at Zwakala River Retreat in Limpopo Province. According to Denise at the Zwakala River Retreat they “really want to start a brewery, but are not quite there yet”. But you do not have to wait until the brewery is finished to taste their beers. At the moment they have some people brewing for them. Just visit their quarterly Neighbourhood Market at Zwakala River Retreat in Haenertsburg. Be sure to be their early because the beers are always sold out.

As true craft beer supporters they will also promote a couple of other South African Craft Brews at each of their functions.  At the next big market (1st September) they will be selling beers from Nottingham Road Brewing Company as well.

More about the market could be found at Minas Art Cafe & Farm Venue on Facebook.

Location: Cheerio Road L10, 0730 Haenertsburg
Facebook: Minas-Art-Cafe-Farm-Venue/197357970336407
Phone: 083-980 8433

Zwakala River Retreat

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