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Cape of Good Hops

May 10, 2013

Cross-section_of_hop_coneEvery now and then people say that “it is impossible to grow hops in South Africa! We do not have enough sun hours for the hops to grow“.

That might be true if you want to grow the same kind of hops grown in the northern part of Europe, US or Southern Australia/Tasmania. But you do not need to do that because there are hops specially developed for less sun hours and the South African climate.

You could just go to SAB Miller hopsfarm in George to find out that it is possible to grow huge amount of hops in South Africa (another way to find out is to take the Outeniqua Country Hop Route).

Check out Beer Legends if you want to learn more about these special hop varieties (like Southern Brewer, Outeniqua, Southern Star (a descendant of Outeniqua) and  Southern Promise (a descendant of Southern Brewer).

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