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Brewers & Union and Arcobräu

October 18, 2012

I recently got some information that Collective Sao Gabriel / Brewers & Union beers are being produced at the Bavarian brewery Arcobräu Gräfliches Brauhaus.

People have speculated about this for a long time now but it has been a well kept secret. On their labels and on Brewers & Unions website they state “Brewed in Belgium” and/or ” … in Germany”. I also got an information that some of the beers might be produced in the UK in the future (have not been able to verify that). At the same time I also got the information that Brewer & Union beers have been produced at the Bavarian brewery Arcobräu. This privately owned and independent brewery was established during the 1500 hundreds and according to their website they have 70 employees and produced 140 000 hl of beers in the year 2008.

ArcobräuAn interesting thing is that Arcobräu have a machine that removes alcohol in beers and Collective Sao Gabriel recently released a low alcohol beer, Der Graf von Bavaria, at 0.4 %. The name Der Graf von Bavaria used to be a trademark owned by Arcobräu but they recently “deleted it”, that is they released it for another company to use.

I hope to get some more information about this in the near future.

Facebook fan page:

Brewers and Union  


Phone:  +27 21 422 2770


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