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Standeaven Brewery – for those who enjoy the odd beer

September 21, 2012

I wrote about Standeaven Brewery a couple of weeks ago. The new brewery was officially launchad at the Good Food and Wine show in Durban in August. Since then they have been really busy working on the brewery and also attend the Beer and Boerie Festival at Shongweni Market.  Recently they launched their website and a short promotion video.

They have four different beers at the moment:
Beer NO.3 Bohemian Pilsner (ABV 4%)
A bohemian/czech style pilsner with a moderate hop bitterness.

Beer NO.5 Press Club Stout (ABV 4%)
An Irish Stout with notes of coffee and chocolate. A little bit less sweet and not as full bodied as a typical stout.

Beer NO.7 African Pale Ale (ABV 4.2%)
An American Pale Ale or Amber Ale with true african roots. A complex beer with a good hop bitterness, strong malt notes and fruity in both palate and nose.

Beer NO.9 Hefe Weizen (ABV 4%)
A more or less unconventional Weiss beer. Not as abbrassive and bold as a typical wheat beer.

Note: The Hefe Weizen was one of the most popular beers with the craft beer drinkers at the Beer and Boerwors festival.
According to Shaun Standeaven this beer actually came from a mistake but has been so well supported from both the tasting panel and craft beer drinkers that they decided to keep using the same recipe.

You could find the Standeaven beers at unity bar, Stretta Cucina and Marriot Gardens wine cellar (all in bottles).

Location: Alverstone, Hillcrest
Phone: –

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