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Wild Clover Brewery

September 7, 2012

A bit late but I think this press release from Wild Clover Brewery says a lot about the brewery and their plans.

————- Press release
WILD CLOVER BREWERY, situated on the farm Wild Clover (R304), had its official opening on the 31st of August 2012.  This young brewery joins the growing number of micro breweries nationwide, with the aim of brewing craft beer and enhancing and promoting the pleasure and enjoyment of this beer.

“Back to slow and the values associated with it” says Ampie Kruger and his team who are of the opinion that we are moving back to our roots and a lifestyle that is more balanced and less rushed.  “The enjoyment of mealtimes and drinks are meant to be a festive occasion and not a matter of survival.”

This brewery, like others in this specific market, concentrates on quality and uniqueness, to hand blend and brew the finest quality craft beer, in the same age old European traditions.

WILD CLOVER BREWERY is the youngest addition to this rapidly growing industry.  The fact that it is situated in the heart of the Cape Winelands makes it an exceptional and popular destination for locals and tourists alike.

“And if you should feel like a glass of wine, rest assured, this is also available” says Ampie Kruger, who also has a winery on the farm.

WILD CLOVER BREWERY had its origins in 2008 in a garage, with a good dose of passion and a love of good wine and beer.  Since 2011 the brewery has been at its current and permanent location.

————– end of press release

Ampie Kruger is a well-known “SouthYeaster” and he has brewed for many years. They are going to brew an English Brown Ale, a Crispy German Pils, an Irish Dark and Creamy Porter and a German Weiss Beer. There will also be some seasonal beers in typical Belgian style to complete the range. You could always check out some more about Wild Clover Farm on Youtube.

There will soon be some breweries close by like Cape Brewing Company (at Fairview) and Stellenbosch Brewing Company (at Klein Joostenberg).

Location: Wild Clover Farm, R304
Brewery Hours : Monday – Closed; Tues – Sat: 11am – 5pm; Sun: 11am – 4pm
Facebook: WildCloverBreweries/
Twitter: @Wildcloverbrew
Phone: 021-300 0370

Wild Clover Brewery

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