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Makana mead – iQhilika

August 26, 2012

Makana was a great warrior in the past. He foretold that when his people were free they would drink honeymead – iQhilika. Hence Makana Meadery (Grahamstown Brewery) named their meadery in honour of him or as Dr Garth Cambray (founder and director) puts it: we are a small business that works to empower those who were previously disempowered by the colonial system.

Makana mead is also avaliable in the US through distributor B.United ( They carry the full permenent range of Makana mead plus a new barrel aged range. The mead is aged in special barrels with the lees from the previous products in them (such as muscadel barrels, shiraz etc). It gives a lovely colour to the mead, interesting yeast autolysis and such that adds interest, complexity, irrepeatability (they try to never make the same exact taste) and such to the mead.

Makana MeaderyWebsite:
Phone: +27 (0) 46 636 1227
Ratebeer: Makana Meadery on Ratebeer

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