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BrewShuffle – share your beer

August 22, 2012

BrewShuffle is the creation of Matt Gauzza, a web developer from Lancaster in Pennsylvania, USA . From the Facebook site: “I have been home brewing for a few years and enjoy every aspect of it. From crafting a recipe to drinking the final product, one of the most rewarding stages of brewing is having others try out your creations. That’s where the idea of stemmed from”.

The idea is to bring home brewers together and allow them to easily swap their home brew. BrewShuffle is a place where home brewers can share their beers with others. The idea is to allow a home brewer to more easily swap their home brew. It is a great place for brew clubs to better manage their brewing events and home brew exchanges. With home brew events, brewers’ can easily create an event and invite other home brewers to attend and say what home brews they may be bringing. My hope is that brew shuffle will make it easier to perform home brew swaps, get quality feedback, enjoy a home brew a brewer may not have been able to before and help create or strengthen home brewing communities.
There was an article about him in the latest issue of the magazine Brew Your Own. Some South Africans have already joined BrewShuffle and I hope more will follow.

Twitter: @BrewShuffle

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