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Stellenbrau in Stellenbosch

June 12, 2012

Last year Luyt Brewery announce that “Luyt Brewery will cease its Ballito operations from 30 June 2011, with LLG International, the Holding Company, selling the Brewery Assets to an independent entrepreneur and entering into an equity partnership with the continued brewing of Luyt Lager under License in Stellenbosch, Western Cape.”

The new brewery was going to be called Stellenbrau or StellenbräuHaus and start up in Stellenbosch. Now they are on the way. I wrote a short article about it late last year (

According to their Facebook site they are going to brew two different lagers and one ale (Hausbrau Lager, Alumni Ale and Craven Craft Lager). If they are going to brew Luyt Lager as announced earlier I do not know at the moment.

Woodmill, Vredenburg Road, Stellenbosch
Twitter: @Stellenbrau

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