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Brothers in Arms Brewery – yes they are new

April 10, 2012

This is crazy! In a good way I should add. New small breweries start up all the time in Western Cape these days. Bulldog Brewery in Struisbaai is waiting for their license and Brothers In Arms Brewery is just finishing their application. Honingklip Brewery and Woodstock Brewery,  are hopefully going to open this year. And there are at least three more on the way.

I chatted with Cris Gush who is one of the founders of the new Brothers In Arms Brewery. He has been a home-brewer for some time and now he wants to take his brewing to another level and start a commercial brewery.

What about the name Brothers In Arms Brewery?
Chris Gush explains: “My brew partner and I are very close friends and the name just came about really. I think at some point when we were into the first season of Spartacus it was a line there somewhere. It is also a nice acronym to have, there are many ways ways to say BEER 🙂 and one day, hopefully, a new way will be “bia” ”

They did not have to wait long for that to happen but they had to travel a long way. Bia means beer in Vietnamese.

Jokes like “do they use a beer-gun”, “looking forward to beers loaded with hops” and so on are prohibited!

Where will the brewery be located?
The real problem out here in Cape Town and the general surrounds is getting a premises, as the license is linked to the premises you need to be sure you´ll be able to stay there for an extended period.”
We will just have to wait and see then and hope to be able to add one new brewery to the Western Cape Brew Route later on.

Talking to Chris I realized that the old idea of making a Guide to become a commercial brewer in South Africa is not such a bad idea after all! I will start to write one and see what happens. You are more then welcome to help out!

Chris Gush ;
072-397 7075

If you want to help Chris out, please fill in his survey of the current micro brewing environment

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