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Porcupine quill in Cape Town

March 1, 2012

We went to Durban during Christmas and visited a couple of breweries. A really interesting brewery was Porcupine quill Microbrewery and Deli in Bothas Hill just outside Durban. If you get the chance I would recommend a visit. Se there website for direction and opening hours. They have a broad range of styles and brew under three different labels,  Porcupine Quill, Dam Wolf and African Moon.

Back in Cape town I talked to people about them and also recommended a few to contact Purcupine quill in order to get there beers down to Western Cape. This week I discovered that you could buy them at my favorite beer shop in Cape Town, Roeland Liqours ( twitter ) on Roeland Street. This small shop is trying very hard to get as many different craft beers on there shelf’s as possible. I always recommend beer lovers that comes to Cape Town to start at Roelands in order to get a kick start to SA craft beer. I also recommend you to go there to support this great effort.You could also have a Purcupine quill beer at Banana Jam Café I am told (if not now, soon).

Roeland Liqours have some interesting ideas that I will come back to. If you read this blog you could get a hint on what it might be but for now you just have to wait for more information.

I put all my ratings on Ratebeer.

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