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Blending beer

February 3, 2012

Why should you try to blend different beer styles and is it really OK to do so?

First of all! Many beers are already blended. Brewers blend different batches of beer to make it more consistent and sometimes to create new flavors. Beer styles like Geuze is a blend in itself. So off course it is OK to blend beers at home as well. As a homebrewer this is a good way to explore and to create new beers. Some advise from the Swedish brewradio/TV.

* Keep notes on how you blend in order to adjust and to be able to recreate.
* Use weight rather then volume
* Have an idea what you want to create ie ad some smoke flavors to a sweet lager or weissbier …

A blend that I like is 70% Weiss and 30% Smoke beer.

Have a look at this excellent beer blending video from the Swedish Brewradio/TV.

SBR-TV Blending from SBR TV on Vimeo.

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