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Banana Jam Café

December 10, 2011

Early this year I said, that if someone does not set up a restaurant with a lot of  South African craft beers on tap soon, I will. Now I do not need to do that because Banana Jam Café did just that some months ago. A small Caribbean style restaurant in the southern suburb have about 10 craft beer on tap all the time. Every now and then they have more as well. They also have there own beer (brewed at Bostons) and some experiment batches brewed at the restaurant.

If you do not have much time to go around and visit all the breweries I would recommend that you visit Banana Jam Café for a full (or almost) range of beer. I would recommend it even if you have time to visit all the breweries. Keep your eyes open for the release of there own Mango Ale (brewed by Ryno Reyneke)

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See more of Banana Jam on there website or Facebook.

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