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Craft beer is good for public health

November 23, 2011

I realise that it might be a bit controversial to say that craft ​​beer is good for public health but I will try to explain what I mean.

It’s not craft beer in itself that is good, but the awareness of what you eat and drink and how it is produced. A greater awareness around what you drink also changes the way you drink. Instead of drinking 10 light lagers until late at night you change your behavior to instead have 2-3 beers of really good quality. Often it is not even possible to drink 10 Barley Wine or Guinness a night. My experience is also that once people get tired of light lagers they do not return to that type of beer. Therefore, the craft beer revolution is good for public health.

Craft Beer Bar sign at Hout Bay MarketThe In-betweeners
People interested in new beer are often (not always) the in-betweeners. There is no such definition that I am aware of but I use it to define people that are not really wine lovers and they do not drink a lot of light lagers. In South Africa there are at lot of in-betweeners.

A great thing is that the interest in beer is increasing every day in southern Africa. New breweries emerge and the quality and variation of beer produced just gets better and better.

The craft beer revolution has finally reached Africa!

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