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The southernmost brewery in Africa

November 1, 2011

The southernmost brewery in Africa today is Napier brewery in the southern part of the Western Cape. We passed the brewery on a whale watching trip to Arniston and  Cape Agulhas. There are no signs (that I could see) telling you where the brewery is so remember to check that before.

On our way back we passed Stanford and the Birkenhead Brewery. There are no signs here either until you come really close. The brewery (and winery) is really nice. You pass through the brewery when going in. A good and affordable restaurant and and nice bar for tasting (both beer and wine). Birkenhead and Napier beers are avaliable in Cape Town as well but there is always nice to visit a brewery.

Napier is the southernmost brewery today but maybe not for long. Rumors says there are plans to start a brewery close to Cape Agulhas (the southern point of Africa). I do not know any more at the moment but I will keep you updated when I know more.

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