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The northernmost brewery in the world.

September 3, 2011

The northernmost brewery in the world is Macks Ølbryggeri AS in Tromsö, Norway. Soon they might lose that title. The Norwegian Ministry of Health and Care Services have, not one but two applications on there desk to start breweries on Svalbard. Up until now it has been illegal to brew beer on Svalbard. The Ministry recently decided to propose a change of law which is good news for the applicants.

One of the applicants is the Norwegian homebrewer Robert Johansen. He wants to establish Svalbard bryggeri AS in the city Longyearbyen and plans a production of 100 000 litres annually. In an interview in the newspaper Svalbardposten he says that: “It is good news from the Ministry but the best thing would be if the Norwegian law also would apply to Svalbard. I have done a thorough research, both with brewing and people who will be helping out in the start. When the day comes, I know what it takes to get started.”

The other applicant is the RussiMap of Svalbardan state owned trust “Arktikugol”. They want to produce around 50 000 litres of beer annually in the Russian settlement of Barentburg. In there application the company states that “a good local quality beer will lead to a lower consumption of liquor and cheap low quality beer”.

Where will you be able to find beer from Svalbard?

The Russian plan is just to sell to the local market but Johansens plan goes beyond that. He wants to be able to sell his beers outside Svalbard in the future. Maybe at the Norwegian Vinmonopolet or perhaps at the Swedish Systembolaget.

The last question will then be:  Which one of the two are the northernmost then? Well Longyearbyen is just north of Barentsburg so if they both get the permission Robert Johansen will have the northernmost brewery of the world. … at least for now…

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