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Backwards Bean Brewery

September 27, 2013

Backwards Bean Brewery is yet another (new) micro-brewery in South Africa. The brewery was originally called Origin Brewing Company but due to some trademark issues they changed the name to Backwards Bean Brewery. The brewery is based in New Doornfontein, Johannesburg not far (more or less opposite the road) from SMACK! Republic Brewing Co. (The Jozi Beer Co.) .

They recently advertised for people to help out with branding and so on so I guess they will have a website and so on, up and running in a short while.

According to Marcelle Radyn at Backwards Bean Brewery they “anticipate the licence to come through in November”. We are just waiting for the final inspection by the liquor board to take place. The physical premises has undergone quite a change as we have renovated most of it now. Our graphic design team are in the last strides of designing the bottle labels so should have that ready by mid October.”

If everything goes well they will attend the Cape Town Festival of Beer later this year. There is one problem though! They need help getting their beer down to Cape Town. Please send Marcelle an e-mail if you know how to help them out with that.

Location: 7 Sivewright Avenue, New Doornfontein, Johannesburg (Aerial Empire)
Facebook: backwardsbean


Plebs Breweries

September 11, 2013

Plebs Breweries (or Plebs and Snobs) in Mowbray, Cape Town is a new brewery in Western Cape.

They have been working on this brewery for some time now (waiting for licenses and so on). Since a couple of months you have been able to taste their own craft beer at Plebs & Snobs. Today (Wednesday 11th September, at the Fat Cactus) they will also launch a beer brewed for the Fat Cactus restaurant (Fat Cactus Very Fine Ale).

They have also been selected to brew a beer for JC Brasserie & Pubs. According to Maarten at Plebs & Snobs they have some more news coming up later next month.

Location: 57, 59 & 61 Durban Road, Mowbray (corner Durban & Raapenberg roads)
Facebook: Plebs-Snobs/196917670356994
Twitter: @PlebsSnobs
Phone: 082-065 0296


The Craft Beer Project features at Hermanus Whale Festival

September 2, 2013

The press release from Jolie360 about the Craft Beer Project at Hermanus Whale Festival!

Hermanus Whale Festival


The Craft Beer Festival is proud to announce it will be participating in the world famous Hermanus Whale Festival, which takes place annually at the end of September.
On 21st of September, from 10am till 7pm, The Craft Beer Project will have a 12 tap system featuring breweries from around the country. Some of which will be featured include; Boston Breweries, Liefmans Fruitesse, Citizen, HoningKlip and Birkenhead.
The Craft Beer Project stand will be nestled in the warmth of The Farmer’s Market allowing festival enthusiasts a chance to sip and savour craft beers and ciders in a friendly atmosphere that will allow interaction with the staff about the processes, the tasting regime and of course, about which beers and ciders to pair with the foods available at the festival.

The Craft Beer Project looks forward to yet again uniting the Craft Beer Family and leading the craft beer Revolution in South Africa, we are all about drinking, enjoying and educating people about great beer!

The Craft Beer Project features at Hermanus Whale Festival
When: 21st September 2013
Time: 10am till 7pm
Where: The Farmer’s Market at the Hermanus Cricket Club,
Jose Burman Drive, Hermanus, Western Cape 7200

Tall Dwarf Craft Beer

August 28, 2013

Tall Dwarf Craft Beer is not a new brewery but a student assignment at AAA School of Advertising in Cape Town. Founded, just a few weeks ago, by a team of marketing students as part of an entrepreneurship assignment , it is already a success. They have done all the branding and marketing them self but due to the nature of the assignment they have sourced a supplier of an already existing craft beer.

I e-mailed them a few questions and got a quick response from Kimberly Jandrell.

Which brewery and “already existing craft beer” did you use in the assignment (they advertise a Pilsner and a Blonde Ale)?
“We have rebranded both the Picasso and Sweet Lips from Triggerfish Brewing and marketed them under the Tall Dwarf Brand.

Are you going to continue with Tall Dwarf Craft Beer after the assignment?
Triggerfish were kind enough to brew for us on this once-off basis and unfortunately we won’t continue with the brew project as all team members are studying on a full-time basis. However, this assignment has really stirred up an interest in craft beer for all the students involved.”

I find this project very interesting in many ways. I believe that they gained a lot of knowledge about branding beer. A knowledge much needed by a lot of the small breweries in South Africa, struggling to get their beers out.

A “golden star” (not the beer though)  to Eric van Heerden at Triggerfish Brewing for helping out with such an interesting project.

… and who knows! Maybe we will see Tall Dwarf Craft Beers in the future after all.

Info: Student assignment
 130 Bree Street, Cape Town
Website: –
Facebook: talldwarfcraftbeer
Twitter: @TallDwarfCB
E-mail: –

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CBC Pilsner as CBC Classic Lager in Sweden

August 26, 2013

Cape Brewing Company is partly owned by the Swedish brewery Åbro. The collaboration between the Åbro brewer Lennarth Anemyr and CBC Wolfgang Ködel has been very fruitful. A couple of weeks ago I got the news that CBC beers was to be exported to Sweden and released sometimes during September.

According to CBC they could export around 100 000 liters of beer to Sweden but will only do so if they get a container load order. The beers are labelled as CBC Classic Lager but it is CBC Pilsner in the bottles. A bit confusing maybe but marketing and sales is part of the game. I am happy as long as it is great beers in the bottles.

The CBC Classic Lager is going to be released (in 440 ml bottles) on September 2 in Systembolaget stores around Sweden (cost: SEK 16.90 around ZAR 25).
CBCLager CBCClassicLagerCBC Pilsner

Brew Hogs

August 26, 2013

Many brewers name their breweries after animals. Some South African examples are Basset, Black Horse, Chameleon, Dog & Fig (that are moving to a new place next year), Rock-Kestrel (not opened yet), Triggerfish and Wild Beast (if that counts).

That said, I can tell you that there’s a new brewery on the way called Brew Hogs. A suitable name for a brewery in Barbeque Downs, Johannesburg.

It is always a pleasure to update the list of breweries in Southern Africa.

Location: Barbeque Downs, Johannesburg
Facebook: brewhogs
Phone: 011-466 0746

Brew Hogs

Breweries lost

August 14, 2013

In a time when there are more breweries starting up in South Africa than ever before I am going to write about some of the ones that are no more. Breweries that have ceased to exist. Ex-breweries…

The most recent one is Valley Brewery even if it is not really gone. Lakeside Beerworks is taking over the equipment and Valley London Ale is still going to be available. Glen Adams at Valley Brewery is a busy and creative man and I do understand that he has to choose between his engagements. Another brewery that has “moved along” is Luyt Brewery. In 2011 they closed down in Ballito, KZN. In the press release they stated that they sold the “Brewery Assets to an independent entrepreneur and entering into an equity partnership with the continued brewing of Luyt Lager under License in Stellenbosch, Western Cape “. The new brewery was to become Stellenbrau in Stellenbosch.

Paulaner closed down their business at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town and they are still searching for a new location (I think). The former brewmaster at Paulaner Cape Town, Wolfgang Ködel is now the brewmaster at Cape Brewing Company in Paarl. Some good came out of it after all.

Did you have the chance to taste beers from Helderbräu in Somerset West? I did not sadly enough but I know they brewed some really good Lager and Pilsner. They closed down many years ago before the Craft Beer Revolution started in SA. The Brew Equipment was cut up and sold as scrap, I am told.

Do you remember Highlands Brewery at Walkerbouts Inn up in Rhodes, Eastern Cape? They did good until the Tiffindell Ski Resort closed down in 2006. They had Walkers Best Broo Fallabout Stout, Rooikat and Vuyl Ale on the menu. Dave at Walkerbouts Inn told me that ” it was great fun until the Tiffindell Ski Resort closure so, alas, no more brewery at Walkerbouts”. He also told me that he sold the equipment to a fellow in Wolmaransstad  who was going to produce whisky.
I would recommend that you keep an eye on Walkerbouts Inn though because the Tiffindell Ski Resort has reopened in 2013 and Dave´s also said, when asked about their plans ” Ja, but who knows what the future may bring!”

There you go! Some South African brewery nostalgia!


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